Horse Wizardry: Part 1 - From Ground to First Ride
In this DVD, Darren covers cover safety, respecting and befriending a horse, establishing a leadership role, and developing a willing attitude in a horse. He demonstrates how to gain a horse's respect, have him relax, and accept him and the saddle on his back. This DVD covers the following topics: Start training your horse with mutual understanding...(more)

Whispering Way 12-Step Total Horse Training System

Equine Massage for Beginners - Stuart Farnell LMT

The Click That Teaches Lesson 16: Whoa! Stop! Finding Your Horse's Brakes

Rent Set

Spooking - Get Your Horse Confident and Solid

Prepare & Show Your Horse in Western Riding

Cowboy Dressage - First 8 Tests and Freestyle

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