Reining with Larry Rose - VOLUME 1 & 2
AN ESSENTIAL TRAINING COURSE FOR ROOKIES, BREEDERS, TRAINERS AND OPEN RIDERS! This DVD includes valuable information about Introduction, Starting & Breaking, Body Position, Mental Discipline, Spins, Circles, Stops, Back-Ups, Rollbacks & Prospect Selection. with a FREE BONUS at the end of Volume 2 about GREAT PINE, SUPER SIRE. If you’ve ever wanted to see Larry...(more)

Sensitive Schooling: The Gaits, Bend and Transitions

Dressage Naturally Vol 1: Riding In Connection with the Reins

The First Touch: Gentling Your Mustang

Reach Out To Horses Vol 6 - Trust Based Leadership

How To Install An Operating System In Your Horse And Yourself with Sam Burrell

Training and Riding the Baroque Horse Part 2 Dancing Stallions on Their Way to Perfection

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