Round Pen Basics
Ken McNabb is nationally known for retraining unconquerable, spoiled horses. In this DVD, he teaches "The Round Pen Method" for COLT BREAKING or RETRAINING SPOILED HORSES. He uses a four-year-old quarter horse whose aggressive behavior stumped three trainers, a veterinarian and a farrier. Rio, the horse, was destined to be destroyed. His owner agreed to...(more)

If Horses Could Speak

Piet Raijmakers Lecturing on Gymnastics for the Jumper

A Happy Horse Guide with Jane Savoie : Rhythm and Suppleness

The Click That Teaches Lesson 17: Hip-Shoulder-Shoulder: Your Power Tool for Performance Excellence

Pole Gentling The Wild Horse

Training the Dressage Horse - From Grass Roots to Grand Prix with Christoph Hess

Rent Set

Rent Set

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