Ride Like A Natural Part 2 : Time It Right on Your Horse
Simplify Your Riding - Ride Like a NaturalĀ® In these DVDs you will learn how to do what great riders do naturally. Wendy Murdoch leads you through a series of exercises that will make positive changes to your riding and your horse's performance. Improve your communication, comfort and partnership with your horse in minutes not lifetimes....(more)

Influencing the Horse's Mind : Changing the Behavior of the Ill-Mannered, Unruly Horse

A Happy Horse Guide with Jane Savoie : Turn on the Forehand & Leg Yielding

The Click That Teaches Lesson 14: The Poisoned Cue

Rent Set

Horses are Talking, Are You Listening?

Matt & Paul Teaching the Basics - Part 1

Conformation vs Posture - Myths Unveiled

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