Through The Eyes Of The Horse by Carlos Tabernaberri

Through The Eyes Of The Horse
Carlos Tabernaberri

PLEASE NOTE: These DVDs are in PAL video format. They WILL play on all COMPUTER DVD players just fine, but generally NOT on standard DVD players.

Join the mind, body and spirit approach to attain a new level of horsemanship.

Word has spead about globally renowned Carlos Tabernaberri and his remarkable results with foals, starting young horses under saddle, retraining horses and rehabilitating abused horses.

Now YOU can learn his ABSOLUTELY GENTLE approach to earning your horse's trust, obedience and respect.

Based on Carlos' best-selling book 'Through the Eyes of the Horse - Common Ground, Common Goals, this two-disc set demonstrates his philosophy - in depth - so you can achive real understanding and pain-free communication for the safety of you and your horse.

Carlos won't tell you his way is right; but he will tell you that his philosophy is learned from the horses themselves. You don't need complicated steps or expensive tools. You simply need to SEE how your actions and attitudes really affect your results.

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