Bucking Horse Part 2 by Chris Cox

Bucking Horse Part 2
Chris Cox

In this DVD, Chris continues his discussion and demonstration on how to deal with a horse that bucks.

Every horseman who has spent much time in the saddle can attest to the frustration that comes from having a lack of harmony with his mount. Horseman Chris Cox believes each act of resistance or refusal to respond can be traced back to a lack of ground control that the horse learned improperly or not at all. (Obviously, this doesn't apply to situations where a horse is responding to physical pain, such as from an ill-fitting saddle, etc.) Building a proper and thorough foundation means the difference between a horse that trusts its rider and responds as a willing partner, and one that makes teamwork between horse and rider an impossible goal. Training horses properly and educating horsemen with the right knowledge is what Chris Cox is all about!

Chris has trained a variety of breeds for different disciplines and has been active in the cutting horse world as both a trainer and competitor. He has traveled the United States, Canada, South America and Australia conducting clinics and demonstrations. In 1999, in addition to numerous other appearances in cities across the U.S., he appeared at Equitana USA, the AQHA World Show, the Calgary Stampede, and the 1999 Special Olympics, where he performed on two-time AQHA Superhorse, Rugged Lark. In addition, he has worked with the Bureau of Land Management to conduct training seminars featuring newly captured mustangs.

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