The Perfect Wrap Volume 1 - Three Standard Wraps by Julie Parkhurst

The Perfect Wrap Volume 1 - Three Standard Wraps
Julie Parkhurst

In this DVD, Julie shows step-by-step how to apply the three most common and used standard bandages for your horse's injuries.

She demonstrates:

- The Standing bandage
- The Spider Bandage (for the knee)
- The polo bandage for protection during training.

This DVD is part of a 4 part series.

The Perfect Wrap Videos are the perfect horse training tools for you or your students. They show how to safely wrap a horse's leg. Here are some horse training tips for all you aspiring equine grooms and racehorse, show horse, or pleasure horse owners and trainers.

These How-To Video's are a visual guide to bandaging a horse’s leg, horse care, horse grooming tips, horse sense and to gain a higher level of horsemanship for all horse owners. We equip you with horse grooming tips, tools, and skills so you can work at Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, or Paint Horse racetracks, horse training centers, or breeding farms any where in the world.

All Julie's local vet hospitals sell this series in their clinics. They make their techs watch them and they tell their clients to buy the videos instead of trying to show everyone home care, how to wrap a leg, knee, tendon etc... that the videos teach. They are Vet Approved!*******

If you can run "Good Wraps" and learn all the "Good Grooming Techniques" Julie teaches in these four videos, you can become a better horse owner. Not only that, you can use these skills to be able to work at any major racetrack or training center in the world. All four of these videos are the perfect training tools for you, your students, and your grooms!

About Julie:

Julie has over 30 years experience at racetracks, training centers, and breeding operations all over the United States. Training and grooming racehorses equipped her with the knowledge of recognizing a problem, and then knowing how to treat the problem.

She had a twenty-plus percent win average every year she trained (that is good). This was credited to her ability to work on horses legs, bodies, and mental attitude. She did everything to keep them pain-free so they would perform at 100% every time she asked them to. Reducing pain and soreness was a huge part of her success.

Julie was a “Good Groom” before she was a “Good Trainer”.

A lot of people can ride, clean a stall, brush a horse, and pick his feet. Running "Good Wraps" is essential to becoming a “Good Groom”

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