Levels Pathway : Part 3 by Pat & Linda Parelli

Levels Pathway : Part 3
Pat & Linda Parelli

Level 3 will take your horsemanship to a level of excellence that most people only dream about. This is where you take giant steps towards becoming a horseman, someone who understands horses from the inside out.

• Take your On Line skills to new heights -- greater distances and increased subtlety lead to a new level of savvy and refinement.

• Develop greater harmony in your FreeStyle riding, building the foundation for bridle-less riding.

• Pat introduces the third Savvy -- Liberty -- and shows you how to set up this ultimate test of trust and bond to be a thrilling success for you and your horse!

** Level 3 series consists of 3 DVDs

Disc #1 - ON LINE
Disc #3 - LIBERTY

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