Waterhole Reflections  by Carolyn Resnick

Waterhole Reflections
Carolyn Resnick

This DVD is designed to awaken your senses enabling you to be truly present and to put you in the right state of mind before you start work with your horse. Through appreciation of the world of horses by viewing this DVD and having a heart-felt connection with your horse, you will strengthen your relationship.

By viewing it on a daily basis, you will continue to reach a deeper connection with your horse by raising your awareness in the moment and you will return to a feeling of well-being. In the moment of the pause, the connection deepens. Breathe deeply and relax. Enjoy the scenes in nature. Being in a state of joy and being present in the moment helps all relationships in life.

Carolyn also calls the DVD, ‘A Meditation with Horse in Nature’. You will find that when you see your horse after the meditation your horse will be much more receptive, focused and willing to follow your lead when you go to train and ride him. You will make better choices in how you select the approach you take with him and the way that you choose to communicate.

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