Tai Chi For Equestrians by James Shaw

Tai Chi For Equestrians
James Shaw

In this DVD you will learn seven warm-up postures.

Learn to:

*Develop your mental focus and internal strength

*Train your body to align naturally with gravity for maximum balance

*Learn to recognize and release tension in the body

*Create harmony, grace and suppleness between your body and mind, which leads to a stronger connection with your horse.

About James

James Shaw combines the mechanics of how the human and equine bodies were designed to move with the bio-mechanics of martial arts to create his unique Tai Chi for Equestrians program. Working with some of the top riders in Southern California, he has developed individual systems to help equestrians improve their riding.

Shaw has studied and trained in the martial arts for over 20 years. For the last ten years, he has focused on Tai Chi and other Internal Arts, which has given him a vast knowledge of the relationship between mental energy, physical energy and balance. Using arts dated from the ancient Chinese Ching Dynasty, when the elite royal soldiers were trained in both riding and Tai Chi, he teaches riders to understand and master the flow of energy through balance and intent. He approaches horse and rider as one organic whole. Shaw understands the physical mechanics of motion and the role focus of the mind plays in the communication between horse and human.

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