Building a Hackamore Horse by R.E. Smith

Building a Hackamore Horse
R.E. Smith

Topics Covered:

Your first opportunity to show balance, confidence and control required to mount your horse safely without pulling them off balance.

Quiet Cues - Leg and Hip Cues
Combine the turn of the head, the raise of your hand with the off side leg cue to create a balanced controlled turn.

Help your horse maintain his headset when changing leads at the lops or direction at the walk or trot.

Stop and Back Up
The first building block for not only backing, but turns, slide stops, rollbacks and square take offs.

Driving Turns
A necessity for balance that helps prevent horses from stumbling and a basic for foundation training - "follow your nose."

Ho Positions
Teaching your horse to respond to your body movements, not jus the tug of your hand.

Each drill shown is designed to teach several of the basic movements, by integrating several movements into one drill, neither you or your horse will get board.

75 mins.

RE has been described as a horse's trainer with an emphasis on the horse. RE does not normally work in an atmosphere of cheers and applause, but in a quiet, calm and often relaxing setting where horse and trainer communicate using the natural postures provided by nature. In conversations RE will tell you that seeing a horse lower his head and lick his lips far exceed the ovations of people when it comes to personal satisfaction.

He points out many people treat their horse like china dolls sitting on a shelf rather than athletic animals who enjoy hard work and being used in a variety of activities. The lack of training creates a lack of confidence on the part of the owner and the horse's life is not as rewarding as it could be if balance, confidence and control were a part of the everyday relationship between horse and rider. As you enter the world of hackamore training, you will find that as you teach you learn and when you have learned to use your horse to the best of its ability, that your time in the saddle is the best time of the day.

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