The Pliable Seat by Johann Riegler

The Pliable Seat
Johann Riegler

**PLEASE NOTE: This DVD in in PAL format and can generally only be played on computers in the U.S. and Canada.

"Even international top-class riders and Olympic champions should especially concentrate on improving a supple seat," head instructor Johann Riegler says. He has been working at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna for 39 years.

The film shows a beginner, an advanced and a professional rider - including all their individual problems and various approaches and exercises to solve these problems and to finally come to a supple seat.

No questions will be left unanswered. A film for ALL riders: leisure and dressage riders, children, jumping and polo riders, event riders.. In general for everybody who rides horses, independent from the different breeds. It is always a question of balance in the saddle, of a proper and supple seat independent from the reins, and of a rider who smoothly accompanies his horse's movements. This is the only way the horse will understand the targeted sensitive influence. The 50 minutes film is especially also good for riding instructors who would like to intensify seat training at the lunge in their lessons.

At the beginning of his own schooling, Johann Riegler had to spend lots of years at the lunge before he was allowed to hold the reins at all!
Therefore, it is today very important to him to pass on his exceptional experiences in seat training to every rider.

The 3D imaging, explaining how the human pelvis can move the horse's back, is matchless.

Born in 1954, the son of a farmer in northern Lower Austria, Johann Riegler has been riding since he was 12 and joined the Spanish Riding School in August 1969. In his private life, he is also very involved in riding, as are his wife and son. Johann Riegler was appointed Chief Rider in January 1991.

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