Equine Massage for Beginners - Stuart Farnell LMT by Miscellaneous

Equine Massage for Beginners - Stuart Farnell LMT

Equine Massage is for everyone who rides or trains horses. Learn to massage your horse to bring about a speedy recovery after injury & prevent injuries from reoccurring.

Use massage to relax your horse, initiate muscle repair & improve temperament which increases stamina & reduces the risk of injury.

The horse is the epitomy of strength and grace and to watch a beautifully toned & healthy horse perform, or simply running wild, is truly awe-inspiring. However, for all his strength & might, the horse is prone to strains, sprains & stresses the same as humans.

Veterinarians, owners, trainers, riders & drivers alike are becoming aware that like humans, massage is having a dramatic effect on horses physically, mentally & emotionally.

The cost of care & maintenance of a horse, whether it is performing or just a pet, can be tremendous. Consistent training & preventative care eliminates lengthy, costly treatments. It is much better to maintain the health & performance of a horse through consistent training & massage therapy.

A healthy well trained horse will be a top performer. Massage therapy will guarantee the continuation of peak performance.

The intent of this Equine Massage DVD is

* To bring about full recovery after injury
* To seek out & prevent injuries
* To address structured problems
* Find problems before they become problems.
* To enhance performance

Muscles must be in tune with one another. A healthy muscle will compensate for an injured one, decreasing circulation & freedom of movement (creating tension & strain on the total structure).

Benefits of Massage

* Releases deep seated tension patterns
* Improves performance & endurance
* Improves muscle tone
* Eliminates muscle soreness
* Warms up muscles prior to workout or performance.
* Massage instead of usual rest periods will enable the horse to nearly triple its work load.

With a running time of approximately 51 minutes, Stuart Farnell will explain & demonstrate the various massage techniques.

Stuart Farnell LMT - creator of Equine Massage for Beginners is a licensed massage therapist in Aiken, South Carolina. He is a member of the International Massage Association & is nationally certified.

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