Introduction to Dressage by Kathy Connelly

Introduction to Dressage
Kathy Connelly

Dressage produces supple, balanced, energetic horses that respond precisely to the rider’s aids. Introduce your horse to the benefits of basic dressage schooling, with this video seminar featuring United States Dressage Federation instructor Bill Woods, and demonstrated by National Dressage Champion Kathy Connelly.

This talented team explains and demonstrates what the judge looks for in a dressage test from basic training level through Grand Prix.

They also demonstrate how to achieve constant non-verbal communication through use of:

* Seat
* Leg and rein aids
* Producing accurate ring figures
* Symmetrical circling
* Suppleness
* Smooth obedient transitions

An invaluable training seminar for beginners and experienced riders alike!

Bill Woods is a member of the teaching staff at the U.S.D.F.’s National Instructor’s Seminar. A freelance teacher of dressage and American Horse Shows Association recognized judge; Bill also conducts popular clinics throughout the eastern and middle U.S.

Kathy Connelly is also an experienced A.H.S.A. dressage judge and competitor. She is an international dressage rider, trainer and coach as well as an S level judge. She has won national titles at all the FEI levels including The United States Grand Prix Championship and The United States World Cup Championship. She placed first in the Intermediare II at the 1983 Dressage at Devon, in 1984 she was chosen to ride the Test Ride at the Olympic Selection Trials, and holds the 1984 U.S. Dressage National Champion title for Musical Kur Intermediare I level.

50 mins.

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