The Horse That Could Not Trot - The Analysis/The Reeducation - Jean Luc Cornille by Jean Luc Cornille

The Horse That Could Not Trot - The Analysis/The Reeducation - Jean Luc Cornille
Jean Luc Cornille

The story of The Horse that Could Not Trot is a fascinating journey of rehabilitation guided by a blend of classical dressage riding and the application of modern biomechanics.

The young horse in the DVD could not carry a rider at trot. Jean Luc Cornille used logic based on the science of motion to locate the root cause of the problem in a debilitating habit of motion. Rational choices for training and strengthening exercises arose from this analysis.

In time the horse developed as his potential originally suggested to become a picture of elegance under saddle, the result is inspirational.

This DVD allows us to witness the progress of this horse almost as if we were at the scene over the months of progressive work. The documentary is skillfully photographed and presented, allowing us to relive a true dressage adventure.

This is an extraordinary lesson in practical training. Any viewer will come away with much more than a warm heart by following through the clearly discussed analysis of the problem and the steps taken toward remediation.

Jean Luc Cornille has gained worldwide recognition by applying practical science to the training of the equine athlete. Influenced by his background as a gymnast, Jean Luc deeply understands how equine training can be enhanced by contemporary scientific research. A unique combination of riding skill, training experience and extensive knowledge of the equine physiology enables Jean Luc to "translate" scientific insights into a language comprehensible to both horse and rider. This approach has been the trademark of his training.

49 mins.

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