Breakin 'Em Loose  by Ted Robinson

Breakin 'Em Loose
Ted Robinson

Finally, seven-time World Champion & two-time World’s Greatest Horseman, Ted Robinson reveals his secrets to a lifetime of success. The self-taught trainer shares core exercises he’s developed and proven time and time again. Ted demonstrates his drills for ‘breaking loose’ the shoulders and the essential building-blocks of training every equine athlete.

Training DVD Includes:

* Remove blockages that hinder proper athletic movement
* Determine proper body alignment
* Maintain body position with leg control
* Create slack in the reins
* “Break loose” the shoulders
* Step by step exercises
* Soften the horse
* Create shoulder and body control
* Ted’s Imaginary Cow trick...and more

About Ted:

In the late 1970's, after watching some of the top California vaqueros compete at Santa Barbara's Old Spanish Days Stock Horse Show and Rodeo, Ted was inspired to start training reined cow horses.

Call it destiny, fate, or kismet; Ted Robinson seemed preordained for a life with horses. He has transformed a childhood fascination with riding into one of the equestrian world's most extraordinary careers. His talent has made him the top money earner in the National Reined Cow Horse Association while his dedication has led to involvement with every aspect of the industry from teaching and public relations to breeding and judging.

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Cutting/Cow Horse
Western Competition

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