Josh Nichol Ground Work Series: From the Inside Out by Josh Nichol

Josh Nichol Ground Work Series: From the Inside Out
Josh Nichol

Josh Nichol is a well respected Horseman and Educator who has helped thousands of students understand that a truly successful relationship with horses begins by understanding them from the inside out. Step into the round pen with Josh and learn how to effectively free your horse from worry and tension and have him commit to the relationship you have been longing to build.

This video series will teach you why your horse behaves as he does when you are together and what you can do to help your equine partner understand exactly what it is you are asking of him. Specifically, you will learn:

• How to work in the round-pen without using force or creating fear.
• How to understand the language of the horse.
• What it means to work your horse's mind in order to free his body from resistance.
• How effective groundwork leads to clear communication in the saddle.
• How to define the aids you use with your horse.

By watching Josh work with three different horses who range in training experience from beginner to intermediate, you will learn how to truly master your groundwork and become the leader your horse needs you to be. Using a progression of round pen and lead rope exercises this series is certain to appeal to riders of all levels who strive to profoundly understand how to strengthen their relationship with horses.

RUN TIME Vol.1: 85min Vol.2: 76min Vol.3 Part 1: 48min Part 2: 60min

About Josh:

From a young age, Josh saw the horse from a different point of view. He always thought things could be done without force, which would bring about a partnership and not compliance. It was with this mindset that Josh worked with his horses and soon began helping others. Although he has been teaching for many years, Josh is a life-long student of horsemanship. He has continued to develop and deepen his understanding, studying with some of the great horseman of our time. Josh excels as a teacher and educator. He has developed an extensive understanding of the horse and of the horse/human relationship, which has allowed him to help people in many disciplines. In addition to his accomplishments as a horseman, Josh graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree with concentrations in Biology, Economics and Environmental Studies from Augustana University.

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