How to Identify and Release Your Horse's Pain Points by Lorrie Bracaloni

How to Identify and Release Your Horse's Pain Points
Lorrie Bracaloni

This DVD shows you how to identify your horse's pain points and how to release them.

Does your horse do any of the following?:

Bite when you saddle him
Picks up the wrong leads all the time
Has back soreness that cannot be resolved?

Lorrie guarantees that you will learn how to identify and release your horses pain points using step-by-step easy methods with acupressure application anyone can learn.

Teaching all horse lovers the benefits of natural horse wellness'.

If you desire to learn how to keep your horse healthy and sound using natural methods that you can learn for yourself and use on your horse then this DVD is for you.

Save time and money with these easy to use methods of natural wellness remedies.

About Lorrie:

After losing her precious Thoroughbred Romeo to severe colic at the age of 3, Lorrie discovered ways she could have prevented his death. It was later that she discovered that vets often have little to no class time on preventative health care, or nutrition, during veterinary school. For example, giving corn oil for better fat intake. Did you know that corn oil blocks the absorption of vital nutrients and minerals that the horse needs? Romeo taught Lorrie that horses thrive on being natural and it took his death to prove it to her. So she became a Certified Holistic Equine Practitioner.

Based on the idea that the body is designed to heal itself, Lorrie began Holistic Horse Therapy in 2002, to focus on her passion--horses--and to specialize in equine holistic health care. With more than ten years of holistic therapist/practitioner experience working with both humans and horses, she loves helping people and their companion animals in their quest for holistic wellness.

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