Vaulting - My Sport  by Miscellaneous

Vaulting - My Sport

A fantastic DVD, very educational with lots of bonus features. Step by Step with lots of new ideas here. Camera angles from the unusual to the instructive. Great help with learning basic vaulting exercises, Kur moves and lots more. Every vaulter, parent and trainer will revel in this super DVD that brings so many attractive exercises, motivational practice exercises plus lots of insight into keeping learning safe and confidence building.

Some impressions for Kur routines and general advice plus a lovely highlight of top level sport presented at the International Competition in Rhede Germany. In case you want to work on static as well as dynamic individual exercises, both are provided. Plus you can use the special menu to search the English/German dictionary of terms used - a look at Champions 1986-2002, the letter circle, extra freestyles of world champions, vaulting as a therapy, watch and listen for different gaits tuition - Jampacked info here for the vaulting enthusiast and experience vaulter alike.

Duration 50 minutes.

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General Interest

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