Western Equitation - As the Judge Sees It by Don Burt

Western Equitation - As the Judge Sees It
Don Burt

The well known and well respected judge and horseman Don Burt, brings you the very best insight into exactly how to ride in the ring and how to perfect your equitation style. All aspects are well discussed and demonstrated including the seat, the use of silver, the western apparel and how to optimize your result in the ring.

Know what the judge is looking for and how to achieve it before you ever step into the ring or use this DVD info to improve your performance. Lots of great advice here including how to create one silhouette and how to use strategy to get the best show result.

Don Burt has judged just about every horse breed and has over 30 years wealth of knowledge to impart. A well respected trainer, author and noted horseman of our time.

About Don:

Don Burt has been an exhibitor, trainer, judge and all-around horseman for over 45 years. Mr. Burt, currently resides in California and is President of Equestrian Consultants Inc., which specializes in the development of horse facilities throughout the United States.

In addition, Don has authored many books and articles pertaining to sport horses, two of which were "Winning with Arabian Horses" and "Winning with the American Quarter Horse."

The American Quarter Horse Association voted Don in as its President in 1996; he's also served in official capacities in the Arabian Horse Association and the United States Equestrian Federation. He was the main inspiration behind the inclusion of Reining as an Olympic sport under the auspices of the United States Equestrian Team.

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