Improving Communication for More Effective Riding by Anne Kursinski

Improving Communication for More Effective Riding
Anne Kursinski

“Finding a distance to a jump, rhythm, timing - - my exercises help teach a rider to dance with their horse. Watching the video you’ll see how these exercises help the horse and rider become one.”

--Anne Kursinski

Regarded as one of the leading women riders in the equestrian sport today, Anne Kursinski has competed extensively: she has ridden in 10 world cup finals, has been a member on 5 Olympic Teams, and has participated in 47 Nations Cups Teams. Her experience and expertise are unparalleled in this industry. U.S. show jumping Chef d’Equipe George Morris has referred to Anne Kursinski’s flatwork as exemplary. Those skills on the flat translate to winning performances on course and have helped her to develop a multitude of horses to the top level of the sport.

For those who have not had the opportunity to experience an Anne Kursinski clinic in person, now is your chance to audit her class with a front row seat. Anne teaches three clinics in the “Improving Communication for More Effective Riding” series held at her Market Street Stables in New Jersey.

Join Anne Kursinski, as she instructs a group of riders on the importance of flatwork and reinforcing basics, rhythm and timing over fences, and the benefits of the automatic release and a balanced jumping position for increased synchronicity with the horse. Anne stresses the subtle relationship between horse and rider, where one works with the motion and merely accompanies the horse instead of interfering. See how less is more when it comes to achieving greater results.

Whether you are a seasoned rider or a beginner, the “Improving Communication for More Effective Riding” DVD series will improve the quality of your riding performance and the pleasure you derive from the time you spend with your horse.

Total Running Time: 3 hours, 45 minutes

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