Gymnastic Patterns Volume 1: Influence by Leslie Webb

Gymnastic Patterns Volume 1: Influence
Leslie Webb

Volume 1:
Seven exercises and includes such topics as the timing of the half halt, bending the jaw, developing rhythm and regularity of the gaits. Rider position, guiding the horse with the seat and legs, controlling the length of stride and developing the leg yield are also covered. These exercises utilized properly will produce a horse in self carriage and is through the back.

Pan-American team and individual silver medalist, Leslie Webb, has brought together twenty-one of her most effective gymnastic exercises. These exercises are systematically put into a three DVD progressive series. Throughout the programs Leslie discusses the importance of rider position and the half-halt.

The DVDs will help all levels from the beginner rider through FEI competitor to develop or refresh the basic building blocks of dressage. These videos will be of significant aide to both the instructor and the student. Each video is approximately 45 minutes in length with significant visual aids to describe the gymnastic patterns and their use.

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