Saddle Up Training Ball Workout by Miscellaneous

Saddle Up Training Ball Workout

Muscular strength assists horseback riders in better controlling a horse, both from the ground and in the saddle, letting the horse know who is boss and in riding more safely. A horse can easily decipher if a rider is weak and ineffective.

Not only will a horse sometimes simply not respond to a weak rider, but he also can react badly, because the weak and ineffective rider is not capable of giving the horse the confidence for which he looks to the rider to provide at uncertain moments.

Some other benefits of strength and balance training include.

1. Decreasing the chances of serious injury.
2. Helping injuries heal quicker
3. Looking better and more elegant in the saddle.
4. Making riding more enjoyable
5. Increasing metabolism by increasing muscle mass (which usually decreases every year after the age of 25).

Do you want to improve your riding, get more out of your lessons, and have less chance of the unthinkable...falling off your horse and being injured?

If you do this fun workout one or more times a week, you will have amazing results.

Lynne Undraitis, a certified horseback riding Instructor, will take you through a balance and strengthening exercise workout especially designed for equestrians of all ages, utilizing a standard exercise ball that you can purchase at any department or sporting good store.

The saddle up Training Ball Workout will help you achieve strength and balance in every riding endeavor.

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