One Hand On His Shoulder by Jean Luc Cornille

One Hand On His Shoulder
Jean Luc Cornille

After years in the making, Jean Luc is proud to present "One Hand on His Shoulders".

The most extraordinary in hand performance ever produced.


The Performances, the Pictures, the Script, the Philosophy, the Humor, the Music, the Relationship Between the Horse and the Man.

You do not need to be a horse person to love this video. This is about beauty, friendship and art.

"I started the work in hand as a scientific experiment. The purpose was to see if a horse trained to always coordinate his body for the performance was capable to coordinate his physique by himself when a rider was asking for the movement. Knowing that as long as I will be on the saddle I will unconsciously help the horse, the thought was that such help would be impossible in hand. The horse, and all other horses after him, redirected the experiment toward a very different direction. The horse taught me as he will to everyone watching this video, a totally new equestrian philosophy." Jean Luc

Jean Luc's name is usually associated with science. In Jean Luc's mind, science is only the tool that supports the equestrian art.

This video is not about science but rather about art, or more exactly what science can do to the equestrian art.

Love the harmony and cherished relationship your videos bring to viewers. One hand on shoulder, wow! The gesture is so simple and yet so full of trust and love and shared being in the moment. Thank you! George Buggs

“One Hand On His Shoulder” is an amazing bit of fresh air. Breaking with tradition Jean Luc Cornille demonstrates, with great intellect and humor, just how much the horse can teach the humans with which they interact. With grace and artistry Mr. Cornille presents his work in-hand with Lafayette clearly showing that so much more can be accomplished if we accept and listen to the horse. A lovely video that brings back the art of horsemanship and has certainly inspired me to listen more and demand less of each horse I work with. Susan Hopf

Join a man and a horse on an extraordinary and beautiful journey to a new level of communication and mutual respect. An accident that could have ended the horse's life, not just his competitive career, instead provided an opportunity. The man and the horse together found a path that allowed them to explore intelligence and communication beyond that experienced by the typical horse and rider. Join Jean Luc and Lafayette II on an amazing exploration of in-hand work that allows both the man and the horse to expand their understanding of each other.Susan Schoettle

I will watch and re-experience this many times over, when I need an extra dose of beauty and, I might even say, "spirituality" in my life. Such an amazing delight! Pam Blake

About Jean Luc:

Jean Luc Cornille M.A.(M.Phil) has gained worldwide recognition by applying practical science to the training of the equine athlete. Influenced by his background as a gymnast, Jean Luc deeply understands how equine training can be enhanced by contemporary scientific research. A unique combination of riding skill, training experience and extensive knowledge of the equine physiology enables Jean Luc to "translate" scientific insights into a language comprehensible to both horse and rider. This approach has been the trademark of his training.

Jean Luc's competitive career is as distinguished as it is diversified. Competing at national and international levels in dressage, steeplechase, stadium jumping and three-day events, he has won extensively in all specialties collecting several gold, silver and bronze medals. Notably, Jean Luc won the individual and team gold medal at the military world championship of Fontainebleau in 1975. In 1971, he won silver at the world championship of Punchestown. The following year, he was member of the winning team at Bokello. However, Jean Luc feels that his greatest success lies in his ability to intuit the physical and mental condition of each horse the day after their victories.

The computer age allows a more advanced understanding of the horse’s gaits and performance than previously known. Computers also have made the knowledge available to everyone. After decades of research and successful application of scientific discoveries, Jean Luc feels that time has come to take advantage of this modern technology by letting everyone have access to be able to apply these discoveries. Thereby, horses can be efficiently prepared for the effort; gait abnormalities can be discerned before they became injuries; and, performance difficulties can be analyzed down to their source. There is a way to educate horses which rises from one’s heart and intelligence. There is undoubtedly a more subtle, more ethical, effective and better way. It is a prime opportunity that will lead Olympic caliber riders to the upper echelon of the podium. It will offer other riders an even greater victory, Beyond and between the shows is the quality of the daily life with the horses, the faculty of preparing them efficiently and keeping them mentally and physically sound until their golden age.

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