The Paso Fino Owner's Manual by Carlos Tobon

The Paso Fino Owner's Manual
Carlos Tobon

Whether you're new to the Paso Fino breed or a long time fan, you'll really appreciate this video adaptation of the popular "Paso Fino Owner's Manual" by Carlos Tobon. Over the course of two DVDs, Carlos will show you the steps necessary to take a Paso Fino from weanling to the show ring or out on the trail.

Covered in-depth are topics such as bitting and head gear; collection; bending; and more. Carlos also shows you a Paso Fino in each stage of training - from the weanling, through the first saddling and first ride to a working show horse getting prepared for competition.

CARLOS E. TOBON was born in Colombia, South America and is a third generation Paso Fino breeder. After graduating college in North Carolina, he began professionally training Paso Fino Horses and their riders and has given clinics throughout the United States, Europe and Canada. In 1996 he obtained his PFHA judges card and has judged all over the country, obtaining his Senior Certification in 2002. Carlos's consistent judging decisions coupled with his ability to communicate the reasons behind his determinations have made him a well respected judge in the breed.

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