Teaching the Rider to Feel by Sarah Martin

Teaching the Rider to Feel
Sarah Martin

Encounter a methodical approach that allows you to experience your horse going honestly TO THE BIT.

You will be able to start to understand what the elusive "FEEL" of your horses BACK is!

You will find exercises that allow you to

Finally!! Truly establish a steady CONTACT THROUGH THE REINS!!

Other critical topics:

What is the half halt and how do I ride one?

How do I know what is enough bend?

How can I progress without more help?

Here’s what you get with my "TEACHING THE RIDER TO FEEL with Sarah Martin" program.

4 DVDs demonstrating the exercises so you can see them in action!

Disc 1: Alignment
Disc 2: Influence
Disc 3: Feel the Beat
Disc 4: Half-Halt

About Sarah

Having been introduced to FEI level dressage during a working student relationship with Regula Lorenz of Middleburg, Virginia, Sarah wanted to learn more about this intriguing sport. Moving back north from Tennessee, Sarah worked for a year at Flying Horse Stables in Hamilton, Massachusetts. There she trained with Sarah Geikie and watched the top event riders in the country training at Ledyard. She became quite clear in that time that eventing at the World Class level was not her desire.

After a year in New England Sarah wanted change, so she chose the diagonal opposite and moved to Tucson, Arizona. Helping her life long friend Penny Malone, Sarah was back in the world of Arabian show horses.

From Snaffle Bit Futurities to Western Pleasure, cutting horses and Arabian hunters, Sarah worked with Penny and her training stable. Hooking up with the local Pony Club, Sarah went on to work at Esperanza Stables on the north end of town.

There she met Cila Yantis, a trainer from Linda Zang’s Idlewilde Farm in Davidsonville, Maryland. Intrigued by Cila’s eye for detail and understanding of dressage, Sarah moved back to Maryland to work for Cila.

From Maryland Sarah was offered a job as assistant trainer for Sue Curry in Boulder, Colorado. Moving to Colorado in the summer of 1985, Sarah lost all desire to move anywhere else: Colorado was and is home.

For the next two decades Sarah continued to ride, work and study with the mentors she observed as having the skills she wanted to cultivate. Her interest was always in “how to” so she sought out trainers who could explain, and who had the life experience of developing horses from nothing to something – and something had to be Grand Prix on a World Class level. As such, her time was invested with Sarah Hall from Linda Zang’s barn. Many years, including 3 months immediately after Sarah and Clayton were married, were spent studying with Carol Lavell. Moving their training westward again, Sarah and Clayton both spent time with Hilda Gurney. Through a clinic, Sarah met Kathy Connelly and became fascinated with what long lines could accomplish, especially with the development of piaffe and passage.

Through her husband Clayton, Sarah was introduced to and had the opportunity to work with Karl Mikolka for many years.

From all of these working relationships deep friendships have developed. Sarah has a long list of accomplished horses and riders, and feels she owes it all to the tutelage and mentoring of these wonderful people.

Professional Accomplishments:

* USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist

* USDF Certified Second and Fourth Level Instructor Trainer

* USDF “L” Program Graduate with Distinction

* Trainer for USDF Horse of the Year horses and riders from Training Level through Prix St Georges.

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