Riding Bridleless with Tommie Turvey's Neck Rein by Tommie Turvey

Riding Bridleless with Tommie Turvey's Neck Rein
Tommie Turvey

In this DVD, Tommie will show you how he gets to the ultimate freedom of riding bridleless and bareback with the horsehair neck rein he designed and made to help aid in the transition. Tommie will show you the steps and tools it takes to turn your dream into reality. you will also benefit from increased control, team work, and communication between you and your horse.

Tommie is a second generation horse trainer, raised on a paint horse ranch in California. Tommie spent his time growing up breaking, training and performing on horseback. He is the only son of a professional rodeo cowboy, stuntman, actor and Marine Corp. veteran. It was his father’s strict guidance and "just do it" attitude around the horses which became Tommie's destiny. “To successfully train a horse you must know how to convey what "you" are thinking to the horse in "their" language and in a way "they" can understand”. It is Tommie’s imagination and creativity what make him unique in the horse industry.

An accomplished performer in many disciplines, Tommie works in all aspects of the entertainment and equine industry. You’ve probably seen him in feature films, television commercials, as a featured performer at dinner theaters, a specialty feature act at a touring circus, a main character in a wild-west show, to performing his “extreme” shows at horse expos, equestrian events, rodeos, fairs, and numerous international horse shows around the world.

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WESTERN - Under Saddle

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