Beyond The Basics by Bill Riddle

Beyond The Basics
Bill Riddle

NCHA Hall of Fame Trainer, Bill Riddle is also a professionally trained clinician with superior training techniques and a compelling passion to teach today's aspiring horseman. He expands Beyond the Basics in this DVD.

* Learn where to go and how to get there.
* Learn how your horse thinks, how he sees and how he responds to specific training methods.
* Learn what judges look for in your run.
* Learn to work the flag correctly.

Running Time - One Hour and 40 Minutes!

Bill Riddle:
NCHA Hall of Fame Rider
Professional Cutting Horse Trainer for over 30 years
Earnings in excess of $4,000,000

About Bill:

Bill Riddle has been a professional cutting horse trainer for 30 years. In that time horses he’s trained and shown have won in excess of $3,740,000 in the cutting show arena. His customer’s have won an additional $2,100,000. Bill was a history teacher for 10 years prior to becoming a cutting horse trainer. That teaching experience, has allowed him to be one of the industry’s premier instructors. His clinics have been well attended since the first one in 1984. He has conducted clinics in Texas, New Mexico, California, Ohio, Idaho, Oklahoma, Canada, and Australia. Highly respected by his peers, Bill has served the National Cutting Horse Association at every level. He has been an area director, and chaired both the Limited Age Committee and the Sales Committee. He has served as Vice President of the NCHA two times and as President for the 2007 term. Bill wrote the original Casebook used by the NCHA Judges Department to train judges.

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Cutting/Cow Horse

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