Natural Horsemanship with Paul Ortuno by Paul Ortuno

Natural Horsemanship with Paul Ortuno
Paul Ortuno

Natural Horsemanship with Paul Ortuno

Disc 1 - Ground Work

Whether you are an experienced rider, or have never even been in a saddle, learn the foundation of the Natural Horsemanship way.

Disc 2 - Ready to Ride

Learn the basics of first being in your saddle. Check your brakes with Lateral & Vertical Flexion, learn how to move with your horse, and always know how to regain control with The One Rein Stop. Find your balance on your horse to make riding simple and move on to more advanced techniques.

Disc 3 - Body Control & Positioning

To ride like a Natural Horseman is to become one with the movement of your horse. Learn to develop the
riding position of your body in a way that your horse can naturally understand. "Somebody that has
horsemanship develops a unity with their horse that riding is completely fluid. There is no off movement on the rider. There is no off movement on the horse. It's like music."

Disc 4 - Horsemanship Exercises

Master the advanced techniques of Natural Horsemanship. Complete the development of a true unity you
will have with your horse as you learn these exercises. Put all the skills of Natural Horsemanship together and go through a gate with ease as you show off how much guidance and control you have with your horse.

Disc 5 - Trailer Loading

"Horses that trailer well go into the trailer by themselves and they come out of the trailer by themselves. You don't have to coax them to go in or push them to go out." If not done correctly, Trailer Loading can be one of the most dangerous things you do with your horse.

Never pull on your horse and make him go into a trailer. Learn to ask your horse to go into a trailer on his own accord using the Natural Horsemanship way.

About Paul:

Paul has learned horsemanship from many great horsemen, and many great horses. From the dancing horses of Andalusia, to the gauchos of Argentina, to the vaqueros of Nevada, both rider and horse share a true unity. This is what he believes to be Natural to our lives, not knowing what is expected of them, and yet they don't expect anything from us. Paul believes you become a horseman, when with proper communication you establish
a respectful trust and leadership with your horse. Paul can help you find the horseman in you, through touch, timing, soft feel, understanding, and rewarding your horse for the slightest try.

Paul enjoys helping people who have given up on their horse to learn a new and easy way of understanding what the horses needs are and how to more effectively communicate with them. This will ultimately help them realize and achieve their goals as a horsemen and to develop that bond of leadership and trust with their horse.

As Seen on RFD-TV, Equestrian Nation, Western Horseman and Horse Trader. These DVDs bring `Natural Horsemanship’ down to the level people can understand. Paul will show the little things you can do to communicate with horse build your confidence to handle them. This five-DVD series “Natural Horsemanship” features over five hours of lessons and is for horses, and their riders so they can better understand. If just one more horse gets treated with dignity and respect and a rider learns to bond with it, then it will all have been worth it.

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