Fluidity Connection Level II by Theresa Zenner

Fluidity Connection Level II
Theresa Zenner

Fluidity Connection Level II will build upon your Level I practice, incorporating the same postures as Level I; however, the student will be introduced to the full expression of the postures and will hold in specific postures longer.

Fluidity Connection Level II is a Vinyasa flow yoga practice (Breath with posture movement) paired down to focus on core strength, hip & chest openers, flexibility, balance, stability and spine strengthening in the full expression which will advance your practice from Level I and continue to support your journey toward improving your communication and fluid movement when riding your horse.

Fluidity Connection Level II has several chapters that will set you up for success in continuing along your yoga journey and deepening your understanding of the practice and the use of breath. There is also a booklet provided inside the DVD package that displays specific postures that you can use as reference material to take on the mat with you as you are learning.

This DVD provides an introduction, by Theresa Zenner, that discusses the intent and focus of the DVD along with synergies that she has found between Vinyasa Flow yoga and Natural Horsemanship.

This DVD contains chapters on:

- Breath & Modifications

How to use Ujjayi Pranayama and how this breath benefits you on and off the yoga mat

- Instruction with a student

Theresa Zenner shows alignment of each posture with a student for you to use as a reference whenm learning the postures

- Vinyasa Flow Yoga Practice with Theresa Zenner

35 minute Vinyasa Flow Yoga Practice with Theresa Zenner. You will be instructed just as if you were in one of her classes but she is doing the pactice with you!

In Level I you will become familiar with the postures, recognize and start connecting with your breath, begin or continue to build strength.

In Level II you will become familiar with the full expression of the postures, improve the use of your breath & focusing the mind and continue to build strength in both your body and mind.

Theresa Zenner is 41 years old and lives in Isanti, MN. She has been into horses less than 7 years and has been a dedicated student of the Parelli Natural Horsemanship program since 2004. She has taken close to 20 horsemanship clinics and has studied at the Parelli International Study Center several times.

She is dedicated in her pursuit of lighter communication with the horse and true partnership which ultimately brought her to a dedicated Vinyasa Flow practice and becoming a certified Yoga Instructor in the spring of 2009. Theresa teaches Vinyasa Flow classes in Cambridge MN.

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