Developing Talent in Humans and Horses by Sam & Sascha Watson

Developing Talent in Humans and Horses
Sam & Sascha Watson

** Please Note: This DVD is in PAL format, which means that it will not play on a standard TV DVD player. It will generally play on a computer DVD player, but please ensure your computer can play PAL format.

When watching somebody demonstrate their work you usually only see a snapshot, at best.

This DVD offers more than a snapshot. It is designed to show you how a process, with time and practice, can build up to become a good product. This is a visual summary of Horses and Horsemen's Foundation Principles (including our first three basic patterns) designed to help with risk management whilst riding.

The use of these patterns can lead both you and your horse to develop your own wonderful talents in whichever discipline you ultimately choose. We call it "Developing Talent in Humans and Horses" because most people and horses have more talent than is recognized. Good foundation training, followed by on-going development, can bring this out in anybody willing to have a good go and invest the time.

This DVD cannot replace proper live instruction but it can help you with your training at home, especially after a course. You can learn much from it. If you work through the ABC patterns in a way that is risk managed, you will be well prepared for both a future in horses and for impending courses with Sam or Sascha.

Filmed live at WA Sporthorse Expo. Visual summary of Horses and Horsemen's Foundation Principles. Contains full unedited demonstration.

About Sam and Sascha:

Sam Watson is a full-time professional horseman. With his sister, Sascha, he founded Horses and Horsemen and co-wrote the Challenge syllabus that forms the road map for helping a student develop the skills and strategies for safer and more effective horsemanship. His teaching experience, managing all kinds of horses and students over many years, helps to make the courses have lasting value for any dedicated student. Aside from being an instructor, he is a widely known entertainer who is often called upon to perform drawcard exhibitions and demonstrations of horsemanship at horse shows and special events. Sam maintains a troupe of his own horses under ongoing development in areas of dressage, liberty, harness work and trick riding. He also offers horses to the entertainment and film industry, and now has a sizable string of well-trained horses to draw from with a view to giving the director or choreographer choices in the way they wish to depict their subject. Sam is a also an experienced harness horse trainer and has done a lot of training with the heavy breeds like Clydesdales and Percherons and their owners.

Sam is frequently consulted on difficult horses with major problems. Where the issue has not been one of underlying health problems, best assisted by a skilled practitioner in that field, Sam has solved many scenarios that were going to lead to injury of the owner or euthanasia of the horse. As a result he regularly deals with a very diverse range of commercial, pleasure and sport-horses, as well as mules and donkeys. This range includes virtually every breed and a wide range of horsemanship pursuits. As a trainer Sam aims to help to reveal the talent in horses on behalf of and with the owner.

This is to help the horse find good opportunities in its life in the human environment. If a horse can understand how to operate safely and helpfully in the human environment this usually causes a positive outcome for the horse and the owner.

Sascha Watson is a full-time professional horsewoman. As well as offering education she has also been inspirational in her many entertaining public performances. Over the years she has offered and participated in many public performances with the aim of “allowing horses to present themselves as beautiful creatures, in the hope of arousing constant curiosity about how to better train and care for them”.

Sascha has served a long and rigorous apprenticeship in horsemanship and has accumulated vast experience in horse training and also in chaperoning hundreds of students through the Challenge syllabus.

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