Liberty Riding: Relationship Between Man and Horse by Saskia Klemencic

Liberty Riding: Relationship Between Man and Horse
Saskia Klemencic

This DVD demonstrates a step by step natural horsemanship program for training you and your horse, from the bitless bridle to liberty riding with the neck ring.

Independent of your style of riding, this DVD shows you a developmental program by Saskia Klemencic.

Join her on the path to liberty riding which is the path of ease, refinement and harmony between man and horse.

You learn how to develop an independent seat, to ride just by body language and with fine aids and you learn the right timing.

Your horse will become motivated, relaxed and alert and you and your horse will be more in harmony with each other!

1. backward and stop
2. shoulder control
3. hindquarter yield
4. directing and controlling
5. canter aids
6. controlling the tempo
7. gait changes
8. lateral movement

Saskia Klemencic has ridden for 30 years and has always had a strong attraction to problematical horses, empathizing with them and helping other horse owners to handle them. Over the last 10 years, she has worked to assimilate and implement the teachings of Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt, Dr. Robert M. Miller, Leslie Desmond, Mark Rashid, Jean-Claude Dysli, Phillip Nye and Steve Halfpenny. She firmly believes in the theory and practice of natural horsemanship, which she practices in the daily training of her own horses, or with clients’ horses, as well as in the various select courses she offers. Her personal encounters with Pat Parelli and Leslie Desmond helped Saskia to deepen and broaden her knowledge.

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