Playing with Horses - Ideas for Joyful Learning Part 2 by Jutta Weimers

Playing with Horses - Ideas for Joyful Learning Part 2
Jutta Weimers

After an introduction into horse-language, Jutta Wiemers shows you how you can motivate your horse playfully to think and play along

Part 2

Bending, Flexibility and Balance
Healthy Circus Gymnastics
Exercises for Collection
Games on the Lunge Line
How to Start Out?
Fun and Games Demo

Approx running time 75 mins.

Jutta Wiemers began riding and vaulting at the age of 10. She has been training and teaching vaulting, coaching and judging throughout North America and Europe for the past 30 years. Her emphasis is always „safety first“ and her training records are proof that the sport of vaulting can be learned without injuries.

She has published two internationally sold books and many technical articles in vaulting publications, and produced two instructional vaulting videos.

She is also a Circus Gym trainer and presently working on a film about „Learning Games for you and your horse“, with many suggestions of how to get to know your horses better, and make them bomb-proof and motivated, healthier and happier by playing intelligent games with them.

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