Equibarre - Equestrian Fitness Workout by Angelea Walkup

Equibarre - Equestrian Fitness Workout
Angelea Walkup

The equibarre workout is a ballet barre style workout focusing on enlongating muscles like that of a dancer while strengthing the core muscles so crucial to a riders good seat. The end goal of the equibarre workout is a longer, toned body with a stronger core yet without adding any bulk. This does not require any special gym equipment. It’s easy to follow and can be adjusted to all levels of athletic abilities. Riders of all disciplines can benefit from the equibarre workout!

This volume is divided into six segments of warm up, conditioning and flexibility to allow you to customize your daily workout anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes.

About equibarre

Developed by US Dressage Federation Gold Medalist, professional dancer, and fitness instructor Angelea Kelly Walkup, equibarre combines core strength, flexibility and grace of ballet in a straight forward and easy to follow ballet barre workout for equestrians of all levels and disciplines in mind.

Angelea has been a professional dancer and choregrapher performing with one of the first street jazz dance companies in Houston, Texas. She has performed with various celebrities and recording artists such as Beverly D’Angelo and Jimmy Buffet and performed as principal dancer for Sierra Repertory Theater in California.

As an equestrian herself, Angelea put her efforts into researching cross training options seeking better results in her own riding. That research spawned equibarre.

Running time: approx 53 minutes

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