Recipes for Lateral Movement by Alliance Farms

Recipes for Lateral Movement
Alliance Farms

Alliance Farms and Eleanor Thibodeau brought you the "Position Position Position" for riders and one for Women.

NOW Alliance Farms and Eleanor Thibodeau bring you the "Recipes for Lateral Movement" DVD.

This is a unique video of mastering the steps first for yourself and then for the horse. The skills are easily understood after Thibodeau breaks down the elements so that you can grasp them one at a time...each complex move simplified by the dance steps on the ground. You will be going side ways with ease and maneuverability with this DVD in your library.

Shoulder In, Half Pass and other core position concepts are given in detailed illustrations and video. Find your road to success using weight, core placement, hands, shoulders, hips and leg aids to give the communication clearly to your horse for lateral movement.

- Learn how your vertical plane effects the horses horizontal plane during lateral movements
- Get the details on Shoulder In and Half Pass and their differences in placement through the aids of the rider.
- Find out how your core placement works during the indirect rein for lateral movements
- Examine the information on where the weight of the rider goes and why
- Understand the 3 tracks and where the horse needs your help to establish them
- Lastly get the facts on how to fix your position in order to fix the horses position: when the horse is coming off the rail incorrectly when doing half pass or the angle is not right during shoulder in or the horse is dragging in tempo or the back of the horse is not up or you are having trouble with a lateral movement to a lateral movement change

Experience patterns that will help you and your horse become masters of the lateral movements.

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