Understanding the Art of Riding by Minette Rice Edwards

Understanding the Art of Riding
Minette Rice Edwards

PLEASE NOTE: This DVD is in PAL format and can generally only be viewed on a computer. Please ensure your computer DVD player software will play PAL format DVDs.

Getting Started
In this DVD, you'll review the basic principles of successful riding. By showing how the riders position affects the horse's balance. Minette deconstructs, simplifies and explains the art of riding.

Walk on The Lunge

The lunge lesson in walk addresses the essential elements of the position of the rider's seat and body, the alignment and awareness of the rider and the feel of the horse's movement.

Trot on The Lunge
This lesson in sitting trot takes you through a checklist to help you gain a balanced and comfortable seat. The search for balance in rising trot is carefully explained.

Bending The Horse

The mysteries of "bending the horse" are unraveled with clear explanations and demonstrations of how to achieve that bend correctly in both directions.


A series of examples showing the difficulties which can be incurred by "getting in the horse's way" during a transition are outlined. A correct example of each transition is also shown.

Benefits to You

This DVD simplifies the art of riding and gives the viewer clear concise explanations that are not only absorbing to follow but are also a delight to watch.

Minetteā€™s teaching has evolved from her wide equestrian experience. She has successfully competed in dressage, showing, show jumping, eventing, endurance, flat and jump racing, in the US and UK.

Minette has insights gained from teaching over 12,000 lessons and an approach that draws on the Alexander Technique.

Unusually, for a teacher of her expertise, Minette works with ordinary horses and everyday riders. Through her DVDs, clinics and lessons, she brings her unique understanding of the art of riding to a wide and appreciative audience of novice through to expert riders.

Riding should be uncomplicated and the experience joyous and beautiful. All you need is a quiet body and an inquiring mind.

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