Training a Smooth Gait, Naturally! Volume II by Ivy Schexnayder

Training a Smooth Gait, Naturally! Volume II
Ivy Schexnayder

Have you ever wanted to see exactly what training a pacey horse to gait looks like? Now you can. In this dvd, I show you the complete training, from bumpy to smooth with a 12 year old Rocky Mountain gelding.

I explain what I am doing as I train this horse over 7 days. I mainly use the ground poles, so can see how I use them and important things to know when working with a pacey horse.


Ivy has always been interested in the dressage movements, but didn’t like how the dressage horses appeared to be ridden. She didn’t like the reins always held tightly, with the riders appearing to lean back in order to pull harder on the horse’s mouth. However, it wasn’t until she was twenty-one years old that she learned that there were other ways to train dressage.

She also became involved with clicker training after she read Karen Pryor's book Reaching the Animal Mind.

Ivy has competed in the Two as One Horsemanship: Wind Rider Challenge and the Next Level Horsemanship: Equine Masters Championship. In the first competition, she came in first. In the second one, she came in second place, competing against other well-known clinicians.

She now combines trick training, natural dressage, classical dressage, endotapping, and clicker training to work with her horses. The tricks are fun to teach and they help develop your relationship with your horse. The dressage methods can help strengthen, supple, and improve your horse’s movement and balance. Clicker training has made it so much fun for her and the horses to go out and work together.

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