Breaking the Mold with Paul Humphrey and Levi Olson by Paul Humphrey

Breaking the Mold with Paul Humphrey and Levi Olson
Paul Humphrey

BREAKING THE MOLD is barrel training outside the box. It shows how you and your horse can take barrel racing to an unbelievable consistent, successful level.
One of the most educational training DVD's to ever hit the market! With legendary barrel horse trainer, Ring Of Honor Hall of Fame Inductee, PAUL HUMPHREY, and multiple award winning all round horse trainer LEVI OLSON.

Disc #1 and Disc #2 - LEVI OLSON

This DVD series is full of basic horsemanship methods demonstrated by LEVI OLSON. These methods will show the importance of starting your 2 yr old correctly, and how this will set the stage for your colt's future, no matter what event you choose.

LEVI will explain how he starts a colt from ground zero, using a soft hand, teaching acceptance to pressure without fear or force. He will show how he teaches body movement so your colt will learn how to be soft and supple from day one. LEVI will show the first ride can be a great experience for your colt.

Disc #3 and Disc #4 - PAUL HUMPHREY

PAUL HUMPHREY will show the importance of having LEVI OLSON'S basic fundamentals which will allow you to execute his barrel program maneuvers successfully. These two programs are as one. These two trainers truly work together on the same ranch, making this a complete training program for any level.

PAUL HUMPHREY will demonstrate his own unique barrel exercises which teaches the horse how to use its body in a barrel turn, taking the pulling and the uncertainties away from the rider. These exercises not only help the horse but also allow the rider to become a team partner with their horse in the barrel turn itself. This method teaches proper use of a riders's hands, legs and feet resulting in a better seat. It helps riders understand how to maneuver the horse's body. Learning how to execute these exercises will keep your horse soft, supple, and take away those common problems many barrel racers have.

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