Conformation vs Posture - Myths Unveiled by Maureen Rogers

Conformation vs Posture - Myths Unveiled
Maureen Rogers

In this DVD we look at the way the equine industry perceives conformation issues of the horse! It offers insight into how history has played a significant role in in our present day perception of equine conformation.

When we hear terms like "cow hocked", "long backed", or "sickle hocked", many people think we are referring to the conformation of the horse. However, when we re-examine more closely, we see that it has nothing to do with characteristics from breeding like hair color, eye set, nostril or ear size, and/or the density, length and size of the bone/skeletal structure. It is actually POSTURE and can change!!!

This cutting edge 70 minute DVD examines how the equine industry looks at conformation of the horse, ways of assessing the horse to identify the difference between posture and conformation of the horse and hands on techniques to improve your horse's posture and increase overall biomechanics and performance!

Maureen Rogers is a pioneer and leading expert in the field of Equine CranioSacral therapy work. She is the founder of Equine CranioSacral Workshops - an international education program that offers the most extensive program of study.

Maureen travels internationally to teach, lecture and provide private consultations. She works with horses from all disciplines. This includes competitive horses: Grand Prix show jumpers, to Olympic athletes through to novice, dressage, eventers, hunter/jumpers, racehorses, barrel racers, and pleasure horses. She works in conjunction with veterinarians (both allopathic and alternative), equine dentists, trainers, physiotherapists, farriers, professional riders and horse owners world wide who seek out Ms. Rogers for her expertise.

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