Savvy Club December 2007 Issue by Parelli Savvy Club

Savvy Club December 2007 Issue
Parelli Savvy Club

Ride In - The cure for boring and repetitive arena sessions! (30 min.)

Coaching Session with Linda Parelli, Vonni & Escada
Linda's sister, Vonni, and Escada (Vonni's Left-Brain Introvert Arabian mare), are studying Level 2 and both think that arenas are boring! Escada gets sluggish, bucks or stops, and Vonni goes brain-dead and loses her imagination.
In this session, Linda coaches Vonni on how to use arenas to have more fun and encourage more obedience from Escada through better leadership. Linda talks about balancing playfulness with obedience and uses the Seven Games: forwards; backwards; circles; straight lines; transitions; weaving in and out; cones; arena rails; and trotting poles; to balance impulsion and challenge Vonni's leadership skills.
(It's pretty funny watching Escada display her Left-Brain Introvert tactics like bucking and Karate kicks!)

Ride In: Advanced Session (8 min.)

Anja Weiler & Eliice at the 07 USA Savvy Conference
In this session Linda introduces Parelli Professional, Anja, and her Danish Warmblood, Eliice, and challenges them to demonstrate a Ride In session - bridle-less!!

Confidence Development (30 min.)

Kalley Krickeberg & the babies at the 07 USA Savvy Conference
Pat's top assistant, Kalley, leads the Parelli Pre-School Program at Atwood Ranch in California, and in this session demonstrates just how much is possible with young horses... While riding her mare, JJ, Kalley plays with Sunshine (12 months), Powder (12 months), Dixi (14 months), Gracie (14 months), and Country Girl (16 months) and blows everyone's socks off-including Pat and Linda's! Watch for a very special surprise at the end of the session... there wasn't a dry eye in the building!!

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