Understanding and Working with Gaited Horses Part 2 - Trotty and Pacey Horses by Dennis Quilliams

Understanding and Working with Gaited Horses Part 2 - Trotty and Pacey Horses
Dennis Quilliams

The goal of getting the best gait from your gaited horse is the same goal as with any horse. Regardless of if you are looking for a walk, trot, canter or 4-beat gait you want the smoothest gait your horse can give.

The ultimate goal of "gaited horse people" is to produce a horse that is "Cadillac Smooth". Genetics play a huge part in producing the smooth gaited horses. With good breeding and bloodlines the 4-beat gait will be inherent in the horse. With some training to enhance the gait, exercises to bring out the best along with maturity and consistency, your horse will be the smooth partner you desire. The more relaxed, the more flexible and the more your horse can move freely, the smoother the gait will be.

In this DVD you will see some practical training exercise for you to do with your gaited horse.

The Quilliams method of horse training results from years of experience. Dennis incorporates the philosophy of training from other Natural Horsemen. Dennis bases his philosophy of training on the mutual respect of horse to man and man to horse.

He begins working with foals as young as possible. Halter training begins about 3 months old, when he teaches them to halter and lead. He will pony the foal along side the mother and go for the first trail ride. When the horse is a yearling Dennis will do some round pen work, and reinforce the lessons of leading. Saddle training begins between 2 and 3 years of age.

Using the resistance free methods of training he is also able to retrain older horses as well as work with problem horses. After an initial evaluation of horse and rider he is able to give an estimate of what time is needed. His primary focus is to enable the horse and rider to enjoy each others company as they head out for their activities together.

For the gaited horses, Dennis uses a variety of exercises to encourage and enhance the gait. As with all horses muscle development is very important, as is the maturity of the horse.

Specialty training, such as neck-reining and further education of the horses is dependent upon the horses ability and maturity, as well as the rider’s ability.

Trainers Training: University of Manitoba - Agriculture; John Lyons Clinics, TTEAM clinics, Centered Riding clinic, Pat Parelli Clinics, Buck Brannaman, Studied Ray Hunt, Tom & Bill Dorrance Methods, Member of Certified Horseman Association (CHA), Alberta Equestrian Federation (AEF),

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