Tips About Bits by Sandy Collier

Tips About Bits
Sandy Collier

Tips About Bits is a one of a kind collection of bitting knowledge from equine anatomy experts, master bit makers and the riders who use them. It is a must have for any serious horseman in any equine discipline, but can be easily understood by anyone trying to get a working knowledge of bits and bitting.

This DVD set features:

Greg Darnall on bit signal and severity. These are excerpts, graciously loaned, from his amazing DVD called “Education vs Domination: what role does the bit play? It also features a few great x-rays of how bits work in a horses mouth.

Dave Elliott shares his knowledge of anatomy via a horses skull and then shows us how many of the more popular bits fit and function in the horses mouth.

Benny Guitron guides us through his tackroom and gives us insight into the history of the Vaquero tradition. He also explains the purpose of the buttons on romal reins and the art and shape of the shanks on the Spanish bits. It’s like a walk back in horse history!

Les Vogt teaches us about bit design and takes the guesswork out of gauging bit signal and severity.

Randy Paul shows us several of the bits that he hand makes that have been instrumental in his reining success, and his father Jim Paul shares the bridle bits and snaffles that he custom makes.

Sandy Collier tells about collection and shows a dozen different kinds of snaffles and how they differ.

One of the best segments in this series is Boyd Rice, Ted Robinson, Greg Ward, Randy and Jim Paul, Sandy and Ron Emmons sharing which 3 bits they can’t live without and why.

And then, of course, there are some great bloopers!!!

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