Colt Starting - The Next Step by Ty Evans

Colt Starting - The Next Step
Ty Evans

We have had the privilege of helping many individuals get their young mules started. It has been an enjoyable experience assisting them to get the first few rides going well. However, a lot of these people aren’t sure what to do next to keep their mules going in the right direction. That led us to filming this DVD, Colt-Starting, “The Next Step”. In this video you’ll see me riding a 2-year-old molly mule named “Riata”. Riata has about 5 rides on her previous to this DVD being filmed. I begin with a short review on my ground work then we get to riding. The first part of the ride you’ll see how I help Riata get through a little bit of trouble when she starts to get worried and feels the need to buck. You’ll see us progress through the ride working on forward motion and teaching the mule to respect and respond to my legs and reins. We work on developing the one-rein stop, two-rein stop, backing up, figure-8 exercises, and a host of other valuable things to practice. You may want to watch this video all the way through more than once as there are many little tips and suggestions presented here that will help with some of the issues you might come across when starting a colt. My hope for this video is that it might inspire you to get to work with your young mule, take the next step and help your mule to become the best that it can be.

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