Fixing Herd-Bound by Ty Evans

Fixing Herd-Bound
Ty Evans

Traveling all over the country teaching clinics gives us a unique opportunity to help hundreds of people and mules every year. At these clinics we have found that one of the biggest frustrations people have with their mules is herd-bound, barn sour, trailer sour, and pasture sour situations. Mules that would rather be anywhere other than with you can be annoying, discouraging, and dangerous. In this DVD “Fixing Herd-Bound” we will break down the steps to overcoming this obstacle and show you on two separate mules how to go about helping your mule to become more independent and with-you both physically and mentally. We hope you and your mule can benefit from this DVD and put its teachings to use.

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Donkey & Mule
Problem Horse

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