Six Keys to Harmony: Essential Groundwork and Mounted Excercises to achieve SAFETY, RESPECT AND LIGHTNESS  by Ed Dabney

Six Keys to Harmony: Essential Groundwork and Mounted Excercises to achieve SAFETY, RESPECT AND LIGHTNESS
Ed Dabney

This information packed, professionally produced DVD features easy to understand techniques for establishing respect and trust with your horse and achieving light responses from your horse. By employing these exercises, your horse will be more responsive while riding and well mannered on the ground.

These essential exercises should be performed as your "pre-ride checklist" each and every time you work with or ride your horse. It won't take long for you to see results that help you to establish your leadership position, gain your horse's attention and determine each time how he (or she) is responding to you. The exercises will help your horse to be calm, focused and willing, and they will increase his coordination for precise and fluid movements as well as to increase his flexibility.

It is essential to do the six key exercises each and every time before you ride, with the goal of achieving lighter and lighter responses from your horse with lighter and lighter requests. You'll see that your horse will become a willing and enthusiastic participant if you are consistent in performing the exercis Once you and your horse know these exercises, you should be able to run through them all in about ten minutes, then mount up with more confidence knowing that your horse is focused on you and on the job at hand. Your confidence will pass through to your horse and give you a greater chance for a safe and successful ride.

By practicing Ed's fundamental exercises on the ground and mounted, your speed and direction control will be greatly enhanced. These exercises will prepare both horse and rider mentally, physically and emotionally for a more successful, more safe, and more enjoyable ride.

This DVD also includes techniques for respectful catching, respectful head position, haltering, respectful leading and much more. This program is an extremely valuable tool for riders of any discipline and is appropriate for both experienced and beginning riders, adult and youth.

90 minutes.

About Ed:
Ed Dabney is a 5th generation horseman, natural horsemanship trainer and a nationally known clinician featured on RFD TV. He recently won the 2007 East Coast Trainer Challenge at the North Carolina Equine Extravaganza® .

Ed has trained many horses both for himself and others using gentle communication and natural horsemanship techniques. He has had successful experience training wild horses captured from the open range of Wyoming and ranch raised horses that have never been touched. He has performed imprint training on many newborn foals with excellent results. His specialties include colt starting and problem solving.

He has trained horses to be used in movies and reenactments in which they must remain calm and responsive as firearms are fired from them and while they are in close proximity to cannons, explosions, and a variety of excited activity of people, props and equipment. Some of the movies he has been involved with are: Geronimo, The Patriot, Gettysburg, Crazy Horse and The Postman.

He currently runs Ed Dabney Gentle Horsemanship at his ranch in Georgia, where his mission is to assist horses and their owners in having a more safe and pleasant life together by establishing a relationship of mutual respect and trust throught the use of gentle communication.

Ed stresses that in working horses he never gets angry but rather turns the situation back on to himself, searching for the right method or cue that will break the momentary lapse in communication. His goal is lightness and honest, respectful communication.

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