Advanced Reining Techniques by Al Dunning

Advanced Reining Techniques
Al Dunning

Al will take you and your horse from basic reining training to the final product: a responsive, supple, calm, smooth, winning team!

Advanced Reining Techniques covers all the equipment you'll need to advance to the hackamore or bridle. Al first rides a colt in the hackamore and shows the corrrect way to use the bosal and mecate. Then, he makes the transition to the bridle by incoporating it with the hackamore, riding in the "Two-Rein" configuration. Turnarounds are the perfect excercise to accustom the colt to the change in headgear, and Al spends a lot of time showing how he makes the transition from two hands to one, breaking down the elements of the turnaround, in order to build them back up again while adding speed to the final equation. Solutions for correcting backing problems are presented, as well as in-depth information about riding round, even circles, and always achieving precise lead changes.

Now your colt should be ready to advance to long, smooth stops. Al shows you how he slowly graduates his colts to winning stops, while always preserving a good mental attitude. The next chapter is devoted to teaching athletic rollbacks, with lots of snap. Midway through the video, Al goes back to the round pen, and illustrates the many ways to bit up a horse who is having problems bridling up. The program ends with Al putting it all together for you in a reining pattern, explaining his thought process while riding each element. Horsemanship and the psychology of showing are addressed, too. This is the most comprehensive DVD program available on the subject!

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