Advanced Long Reining  by Clay Maier

Advanced Long Reining
Clay Maier

Clay Maier takes you and your horse beyond the basics, developing lateral movement on the long reins. He shows both practical and fun applications of these skills.

Explaining and demonstrating the use of direct and supporting reins, Clay shows how to achieve a 3-track and introduces the concept of "staying in the rectangle." This technique enables you to control your horse's sideways and forward momentum.

Using Clay's layering method of building skills onto each other, your horse learns lateral flexion and you will develop softness and "feel" on the long reins.

Clay demonstrates with both a green horse and an experienced horse so you can see what to expect at each stage.

About Clay Maier and The Rein Dance DVDs

Call it long reining, long lining or ground driving — it's a universal training technique used since Roman times. And if you've ever seen Clay Maier's breathtaking The Friesian Spectacular, you'll understand why he's been called "the leading authority on long-reining today." What's more, Clay acquired his formidable skill by training horses for everyday situations.

Now you can take advantage of Clay's proven methods with his training series on DVD. The techniques and knowledge from both Introduction to Long Reins and the next level, Advanced Long Reining, can benefit a horse used primarily in any discipline. Train Your Horse to Drive and Tandem Riding introduces a new set of skills that build on a solid long reining foundation with new challenges and fun, too.

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