Heart Moves by Wrangler Jayne

Heart Moves
Wrangler Jayne

This third DVD set in the Essentials series completes the foundation ground skills necessary to handle your horse safely and effectively before you advance to natural riding.

- You need to have the skills in place described in Essentials 1 and 2 before progressing to this third set.

- Jayne shows you in detail the skills of being able to move your horse around more, as you learn to play Game #6 Merry Go Round, Game #7 Go Between and Game #8 Go Sideways.

- You’ll be shown how to be more proficient with your tools with more energy.

- Keys to developing your horse’s impulsion.

- Helping your horse learn his responsibilities in the partnership.

- Using your energy, focus and tools to ask for more respect and cooperation.

- Ways to use your imagination when playing the games – introducing toys to help your horse be calmer, braver and smarter.

2 hours long.

This title is in the following categories:

Natural Horse Training
WESTERN - Groundwork

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