Trailer Loading for Women  by Karen Scholl

Trailer Loading for Women
Karen Scholl

There are many techniques used to load horses into a trailer, but there are very few that will change the horse's opinion of the trailer, giving you even better results every time you load your horse.

In this DVD, Karen Scholl explains that by using our natural power of influence, we can learn how to change the horse's opinion of the trailer. Rather than viewing it as a threat, horse quickly understand that inside the trailer is their new favorite place to be.

In "Trailer Loading For Women", Karen explains techniques that don't require physical strength. You'll see a variety of people just like you who have applied these techniques with their own horse, and the results speak for themselves.

As in all lessons, with Karen Scholl Horsemanship for Women, safety is first priority. Karen explains why some other common techniques can result in an unsafe pattern of behavior from the horse and how to prevent it.

70 minutes.

About Karen:
Becoming a Parelli Instructor in 1995, Karen has taught horsemanship clinics and workshops all over the United States and even in England! When Parelli moved his operation to southern Colorado, Karen became President of Parelli Natural Horsemanship, managing a Corporation that doubled in size every year, until resigning in 2001 to regain her focus of teaching horsemanship.

Karen explains, “After all three levels of the Savvy System were established and key corporate objectives were met, I realized that my dream of teaching was not being realized. Most people know the feeling of craving more time with horses, and though the daily connection with Pat and Linda Parelli was an invaluable experience, I kept longing to get back to helping people realize their dream with horses and sharing what’s been shared with me.”

In 2001, Karen made the decision to teach independently, developing her perspective on “Horsemanship for Women.” “Going through the learning process myself, from literally knowing nothing about horses to teaching psychology- based training at clinics and seminars, I have pushed through the mental and physical challenges that many women face.” Karen further explains, “Most clinicians are men who have vast amounts of experience riding difficult or young horses. I find that women appreciate learning from someone that can totally relate to how they feel because they’ve been in that same situation themselves.”

“Women have a unique challenge when learning new skills that can put them at risk physically, while men tend to use a learn-while-doing approach, wondering why all the women are still standing around talking about it!” Karen observes, “After more than ten years of teaching, my theory is that men can rely on their physical strength should a situation become difficult, while women are more vulnerable and need more information prior to trying something that may put them at risk.”

Karen certainly does not exclude men, and does not promote a competition between genders. "Horsemanship for Women" is simply delivered in a way that appeals to the unique needs of women and horses.

“It’s a wonderful feeling when I see women build their confidence with horses, establishing leadership without guilt and gaining an even deeper bond with this large powerful animal that will give their whole heart to anyone willing to improve their relationship through communication.”

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