Dark Into Light by Craig Cameron

Dark Into Light
Craig Cameron

Due to Craig's ever increasing popularity, incredibly successful horsemanship demonstrations and clinics across the USA, Canada and Europe we bring you the new updated version of Craig's most demanded DVD, Dark into Light.

In this revised edition, Craig gives you cutting edge techniques that will enable you to bring out the best in your and your horse. Using different horses throughout the DVD, you will learn Craig's proven methods that teach a horse, not make a horse, perform the technique you want.

This DVD also covers the following topics:
- Starting the young horse
- Advanced leading
- Developing flexibility
- Overcoming spookiness and crossing scary objects
- Driving
- Hobbling
- Laying the horse down
- And much more

116 min.

"Great horses are made not born. Your horse is a reflection of you. His success is a result of your training ability. My methods produce a foundation of trust and responsiveness - a horse that understands and wants to learn".
-Craig Cameron

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