Successful Water Crossing  by Pat & Linda Parelli

Successful Water Crossing
Pat & Linda Parelli

Crossing streams, puddles, ponds and even rivers on a horse is something many people find challenging. Horses refuse to go in, turn and try to run, jump, or rush through. This DVD helps you learn how confidence and trust with your horse is what makes water crossing easy and fun, not frustrating.

• Keys for Success (24min.) Pat takes us into the Florida woods to discuss the techniques involved in crossing water with confidence. Good leadership, communication, psychology and understanding are the keys.

• Class Session (33min.) Pat guides a group of students studying Level 2 through water fears! You'll see how horses overcome different kinds and degrees of water problems.

• Allure's First Crossing (8min.) Allure is Linda Parelli's new four-year-old Warmblood and he's very afraid of the stream. Watch how Pat addresses his fears using techniques on the ground.

• Q&A (8min.) Pat answers many common questions about crossing water such as how early you can start young horses through water, swimming horses, and more.

• Pat gives an overview of his "Seven Games" followed by a great sneaky-peek into our home movie archives! (24 min.)

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Natural Horse Training
Problem Horse
Trail Riding

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