Train With Jane: Volume 1 by Jane Savoie

Train With Jane: Volume 1
Jane Savoie

Now you can take a lesson with Jane Savoie any time you want!

Volume 1 contains the following 4 lessons, each on a separate DVD:

DISC #1:
TEACH YOUR HORSE TO THINK FORWARD - Are you exhausted from having to use strong aids to get your horse to go forward? Tired of going down that dead end road of "more leg, more leg" until you have no leg left? If that sounds like you, you need to learn how to put your horse in front of the leg so you can do less work and he can do more. Jane offers you a simple step by step process that teaches any horse to be more responsive.

MAKE YOUR HORSE STRAIGHT - No matter what kind of riding you do, you need to ride your horse forward and straight. In this lesson, Jane explains two simple concepts--counter-flexion and first position, and she shows you how to use them to straighten a crooked horse.

MAKING YOUR HORSE SUPPLE - Unlock your horse's body! We all know it's not fun to sit on a stiff horse. Well, your're not stuck having to ride a horse who feels like concrete. Jane will show you a simple suppling excercise to loosen your horse's body. A wonderful bonus of this excercise is that you can use it to relax a horse who is nervous or tense.

INTRODUCTION to LATERAL WORK/LEG YIELDING (part 1) - In this lesson, Jane describes Leg Yielding, breaks down the aids one by one, shows you how to evaluate if you're doing high quality leg-yielding, and demonstrates common mistakes.

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Natural Horse Training

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