Making the Equine Connection by Richard Winters

Making the Equine Connection
Richard Winters

Almost 6 hours of material divided into 15 different segments. There is a great balance between Ground Work and Riding Exercises.

The DVD Set consists of the following topics:

Little Things That Make The Big Difference
Don’t Just Do Something – Stand There
Trailer Loading Part I and II
Rein Management
Diagonals and Leads
And much more!

Each of these episodes are ingredients to create a recipe for “Good Horsemanship” regardless of your riding discipline.

What makes this DVD Course unique is your ability to click on and view the segment of your interest, in any order that you wish.

I've known Richard Winters for over 25 years. He represents the principles of natural horsemanship for both the horse and the human as well as anyone I know.
—Pat Parelli, Founder of Natural Horse*man*ship

Richard not only has the patience, but takes the time to start colts right. The colts he has started for me are calm, willing and ready to learn about cutting.
—Charlie Ward, Professional Cutting Horse Trainer and owner of Doc Bar

Richard has a good feel with horses and has helped us here in our colt starting program. It's a pleasure to ride the horses he's started.
—Ted Robinson, World Champion - Reined Cow Horse

About Richard:

For over 20 years, Richard Winters has started literally hundreds of horses that have gone into virtually every discipline imaginable. He has also worked extensively with "problem horses", helping them to become better partners with their owners.

Richard recently partnered with the Thacher School, a private boarding school for exceptional young people with strong academic backgrounds from around the world. Thacher's extensive horse program is second to none and is the centerpiece of their 117-year history.

This title is in the following categories:

Natural Horse Training
WESTERN - Groundwork

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